About Us: History

There have been major changes in the Foundation since it first began around 1999- 2000. In the first years there was an enthusiastic but perhaps overly ambitious idea to create a place where the history of the slave trade from the perspective of the African would be relived physically in an interactive experience named “The Memory Village”.  The Foundation purchased some of the projected land for this village (2003-2009), went on tour 3 years in a row (2006-7-8) with a historical drama/mime “3 Innocents and a Spirit” that was created to promote the idea and in 2009 a mock-up village was completed which today remains in a glass case in the Foundation center (seen with artist, Carl Guerrier). Since 2010, after the devastating earthquake, land conflict in the area where the village was envisioned to be built and major organizational changes, the Foundation has decided to continue the intention of “The Memory Village" by reliving the experience using the village model to describe the journey for participants in the groups who come to learn at the Foundation center/home instead of building the Village, at this point in time.  The N a Sonje Foundation continues to provide cultural, historical and relational experiences in the hope of revealing new truths and perspectives gained towards transforming ourselves, our communities, the earth and thus the greater world.

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